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Projects in the fields of communication, energy and transport infrastructure and municipal public service provision in particular increasingly face a critical public of affected stakeholders. The same applies to residential and commercial property projects.

We provide professional stakeholder management to ensure successful planning and project implementation.


  • Creating acceptance and a reliable basis for planning
  • Accelerating critical processes
  • Developing a long-term reservoir of goodwill


  • Preparatory analysis of the arena, i.e. the stakeholders, issues and processes
  • Developing a sustainable positioning strategy
  • Formulating core messages to the relevant stakeholders
  • Managing public consultations and dialogue processes
  • Coaching, mediation and arbitration
  • Media support at the planning and construction stage


  • Energy industry: networks, power stations and renewable energy
  • Transport companies: airports, rail transport and trunk roads/motorways
  • ITC sector: broadband, mobile technology and the digital media
  • Property sector: new build projects, commercial development projects and conversions