Business Protection

Stay on course in a crisis.

Crises can be particularly damaging to the reputation of a company or person, and cause lasting damage to a firm’s market positioning. Professional, strategic management in crisis situations is therefore essential.

We provide the support you need in difficult times, implementing the right measures on the right scale to ward off immediate risks to your business activities, and to protect and sustainably consolidate your reputation.


  • Creating breathing space by avoiding costly proceedings and disputes
  • Securing future business opportunities
  • Securing professional and social status


  • Procuring relevant information and monitoring developments
  • Targeted preparation for hearings and interviews
  • Building strategic alliances
  • Leading negotiations on behalf of the client
  • Mediating between parties in dispute (litigation)
  • Press and public relations work
  • Coordinating lawyers and service providers


  • Companies in sectors such as the food, automotive and pharmaceutical industries, where disputes are relatively common
  • Politically exposed persons (PEPs) and high net worth individuals (HNIs)
  • Directors of DAX companies and global corporate groups
  • Companies and investors from Eastern Europe and Asia