Business Development

Keeping you afloat and sailing.

Finance projects, M&A deals and insolvency proceedings often attract great public interest simply because of their scale and potential implications. Without professional stakeholder management, such transactions can easily encounter problems or indeed fail completely.

We manage the relevant stakeholders for a given transaction and ensure the right external communication, in particular with public-sector decision-makers.


  • Enabling and accelerating transactions
  • Reducing transaction costs by monitoring external stakeholder influence
  • Ensuring a positive public perception


  • Organising political support
  • Proactive management of the relevant stakeholders
  • Establishing strategic alliances
  • Media support
  • Developing crisis scenarios and corresponding prevention strategies
  • Identifying and initiating investment opportunities
  • Providing the H&S network for corporate finance


  • Finance sector: investment banks, private equity firms, family offices and high net worth individuals (HNIs)
  • Restructuring consultancy firms
  • Legal firms and administrators
  • M&A consultants